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Weekly Wordpress Wrap for 08/07/2012

I spent a good chunk of the last week watching, and greatly enjoying Hanasuku Iroha on CrunchyRoll.  Along the way I mused a bit about CrunchyRoll, and how I love living in the future.  NB: I still want my jet pack, so long as no one else gets one. :) I'm currently watching Sora no Woto (aka The Sound of the Sky), and should finish that this week.

This morning I watched what will, hopefully, not be the last episode of Bodacious Space Pirates: it was a solid season ending, but a lousy series ending.

Both reviews this week are spoiler lite at worst as these are both recent series.

I was unable to get to Perth for mikeyob's memorial so I updated my earlier post to link to leecetheartist's and stephbg's thoughts.
Tags: anime, friends, musings

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