arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Day 4 - Reefton to Punakaiki

And then the rain came down...

For the 1st 50Ks or so it wasn't that bad, a steady drizzle and low cloud cover over the hills that (hopefully) produced some interesting photos. Watch out for the one that I'll be captioning "For that which I am about to receive may I be suitably grateful..."

(You'll know it, or the truck, when it comes by :) )

The terrain was interesting without the endless grinding climbs so I had a good mornings ride despite the rain. But sometime after the morning tea break at Berlins Cafe I was unwilling to take much more of the wet and opted to sit out the nasty hills between there and Charleston. 

Besides there was a period (during which we cowered in Charleston at the lunch spot) where it began to really rain. I mean, Canberra level of rain. I continued to ride past the nasty hills (i was really tired) but as it began to dry out later I rode the last 10-15Ks into Punakaiki.

The full stats with the nifty table will appear later when I find an internet connection that lets me use the table command. 

Briefly, 83.01Ks in 4:30:41 and the total todate is 297.30

Tags: cycling, new zealand 2007, supported tours

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