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Weekly Wordpress Wrap for 20/05/2012

I spent a fair chunk of last week going "oooh, it's sooo pretty" about ARIA the NATURAL on Twitter.  Despite this I still managed to see, and greatly enjoy, the Avengers

I also amused myself by indulging in some wild speculation about Magic Knight Rayearth, and boosting the signal when FUNimation's pending re-release of Haibane Renmei was noticed by the anime blogosphere.  There is no sign, as yet, of a remastered blu-ray edition.

I spent most of the weekend catching up with leecetheartist and rdmasters who are in town for a disc golf tournament.  Many good boardgames were played, and I even got up early enough today to play a bit of disc golf.  Tomorrow we'll be visiting the Australian War Memorial.

I was out all day so a final reminder for the Chronos Awards didn't get posted, but the voting closes in about an hour and a half.
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