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Day 3 - Hamner Springs to Reefton.

The days are getting longer. And higher. Which has both good and bad points. More below the cut.

Starting from Hamner Springs Brian drove us to the last descent before Lewis Pass where we were hoping to set new max speeds for the tour.

Alas the headwinds from yesterday were back and brought their friends along to play as well so the speeds were only moderate. 

And then I had headwinds on the approach to and while climbing towards Lewis Pass. "Pass", "climbing", and "headwind" are not a pleasant combination (apart from the many opportunities to take photos). 

I got about 5Ks short of the top when Brian picked me up as I was falling too far behind Johan (gee, what a surprise). 

I rode down the other side to a thermal resort (NB: Insert name later when I have a reference handy) where we had lunch. 

A good run followed until Springs Junction when I started climbing the Rahu Saddle which wasn't as bad as Lewis Pass (although that doesn't really say much in its favour). 

From the top of the Rahu Saddle to Reefton was another good run, mostly downhill, the headwinds got bored and went away, and the rain was more of a threat than a reality.

Reefton calls itself the "Town of Light" because it was the 1st town in the southern hemisphere to have electric streetlights (courtesy of a hydroelectric scheme that was itself courtesy of lots of gold in the area). One amusing sign on the outskirts was "Crushington", evidently where most of the processing took place.

And now for the stats:

Tour Distance214.29Distance Today94.82
Tour Time12:51Time Today5:42:27
Tour Average16.91KPHDelta-0.12KPH
Tour Max63.3KPHMax Today55.5KPH

Rode further, for longer, up bigger hills and only lost 0.12KPH in average speed. Quite pleased by that.
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