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Day 2 - Hills, Headwinds, and Hot Springs Oh My!

Today's ride was interspersed with time in the van as Brian wanted to dodge the boring and/or nasty bits. This was fine with both Johan and I. 

We started with a ride down a cycle path in Christchurch that runs parallel to a railway line with controlled road crossings all the way. The crossings even have amber bicycle lights, how cool is that?

After that we rode in the van to Greta Valley and from about 10:30ish started the 1st major ride towards lunch in Waikari. Alas I missed a turnoff and overshot by 6Kms. The return ride however was very fast - 30 to 45KPH since it was (slightly) downhill with a strong tailwind. 

Lunch at a B&B known as Cyclists Retreat was excellent and then I rode with Brian to Red Post Corner from where I commenced the final ride of the day to Hamner Springs.

The ongoing theme of uphill into a headwind continued for most of the afternoon but fortunately most of the slopes were fairly gentle with the compensation of spectacular scenery. Once again many photos were taken but I'll need better internet access before I can start loading them (currently I'm typing this standing up on the reception machine due to the great kindness of the lady at Drifters Inn in Hamner Springs but that is a bit limited).

About 9Ks out of Hamner Springs I had an "uh-oh" moment as I encountered a really steep hill just after the turnoff. 9Ks of this? Well that'll take a couple of hours. So I grannied out and prepared to crawl up the slope for as long as it took. 

Then I got a steep curvy downhill, the headwind vanished, and a long flat bit. Suddenly 2 hours became 20 minutes as I started flying along at 20+KPH.

After I arrived in Hamner Springs (with a rude little uphill right at the end) I promptly headed for the hot springs for 20 minutes or so before dinner. Bliss!

And now for the boring stats:

Tour Distance119.46Distance Today77.85
Tour Ride Time7:08:33Today Ride Time4:35:12
Average Speed17.03KPHDelta+0.42kph

Maximum Speed63.3KPHDeltaNo Change
Total Odometer8055  

Rolled past 8000Ks sometime today. Yay!

Tags: cycling, new zealand 2007, supported tours

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