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Weekly Wordpress Wrap for 11/03/2012

A prominent feature in the wrapups for the next few weeks will be Twenty Days of Key the Metal Idol. With the announcement on Monday so far I've only reviewed START UP, CURSOR I, CURSOR II, and Sub vs Dub (dub verdict so far: Oh dear).

The Oh My Goddess! reviews continued with Volume 12 which I enjoyed more than I expected (given Peorth's continued presence). Volume 13 will probably be reviewed on Monday (public holiday in Canberra) and looks good so far.

This is also the last week to lodge Chronos Award nominations for excellence in Victorian SF in 2011.

The wrap up is a little early today as I'll be getting some gaming in later and will need to haul a trailer full of games uphill. :)
Tags: anime, books, chronos awards, friends, reviews

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