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Weekly Wordpress Wrap for 19/02/2012*

Most of my viewing last week was the Apocalypse Saga of Shoujo Kakumei Utena.  My somewhat disturbed initial reaction contributed to a somewhat incoherent ramble at the end. But there is a photo of the pretty Nozomi boxes! :) 

I also waxed cynical about the reasons behind Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water getting remastered and rebroadcast. I'm currently 3 episodes into Dennou Coil, which shows promise, and should pick up the local release of Usagi Drop this week.

The Chronos Awards are now halfway through the nominations period.  And that's about it for the week.

*Yes I know this is a day late.  LJ has NOT been behaving for me recently.

Tags: anime, chronos awards, reviews

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