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Pirates of the Burley Griffin
A schedule bears the same relationship to reality as Astrology.
Day 1 - Gebbies Gap, Lyttleton, Sumner 
4th-Mar-2007 03:29 pm
Open Road!
Today I met Brian (the guide) and Joachim (which I can't pronounce) who is happy to be addressed as Johan (which I can) who is the other rider on the 1st leg of the tour. 

Because both of us were already in Christchurch, Brian arranged to meet early so we could drive up to Gebbies Gap and ride from there. The Gap was up past Victoria Park so I'd ridden most of the distance there. 

From there we rode up a ways, across the top and down into a long exciting downhill to the base of the caldera that sits behind Christchurch and provides a superb harbour. We rode to lunch at an excellent cafe called "She" and then onto Lyttleton and back up the side of the caldera (a long climb) before an exciting descent into Sumner. 

Brian had peeled off before Lyttleton to ride back up to the van and caught up with us just before the descent into Sumner and we loaded the bikes back onto the trailer in Sumner thus avoiding the narky city driving back into Christchurch. 

Many, many photos were taken and it will take a while for me to select the best ones for posting to the journal. The views were superb. The words "Oh thats just magic" seemed to emerge from my mouth a fair bit. 

Meeting for dinner at 7ish so I may have time to deal with some of the photos by then. 

Now for the boring bit...

MaxSpeed63.3 KPH

Hmmm. The NZ hills don't do my average speed any favours. Still I was spinning comfortably and holding 6-8KPH most of the time so reasonably happy for the moment.
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