arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Clearing the decks. Or the stats. Or something.

Over the last year or so its been my habit to clear the cycle computer every 1000Ks or so. The idea being to get a handle on my performance over the long term. 

I was only up to about 600 this time but with the tour officially starting with tomorrow's ride I thought I'd clear it now so that the next major result would be for the tour itself (I did it this way for the Adelaide-Melbourne ride so at least I'm being consistent. 

Since I'm feeling a bit geeky at the moment I've put together a chart of my average speeds at the various reading points beneath the cut.

The green bar (16.80KPH) is my average over the life of the trike (just shy of 8000KMs), the red is the 1st big tour I did.

These averages were for the following distances:

14/10/2006 (Adelaide-Melbourne)822.71

Does anyone care to guess what my average for this tour will be? I'll be posting the numbers as often as I have internet access. :)

Tags: cycling, new zealand 2007, supported tours

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