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Christchurch Part 2

Since Tim from Adventure South kindly left me a floor pump I proceeded to pump the tyres to 70psi and promptly did the obvious thing: went for a ride.

Well, after some basic precautions like adjusting the mirrors and the left handlebar. Trike is running well apart from a rattling reflector and concerns about the seat.

I don't think it'll be a major issue but it was a bit of a nasty surprise to be discovering this yesterday:

The seat didn't feel any different so I should be OK. I hope.

There's a fairly big park with rivers running through close to the hotel so I started there to warm up away from the roads.

Picked up a couple of nifty photos whilst I was at it:

A duck making a none-too-graceful landing in the river:

A couple of gondolas (could be fun, have to see if I can squeeze that in sometime):

After that I went on to the roads and tooled about town getting the feel for NZ traffic. Very polite and friendly is my assessment thus far.

I turned a corner and found myself with a clear view of some impressive hills and promptly headed for them to get some practice in.

A good, hard, and very curvy climb later I was in Victoria Park where I took this landscape looking across Christchurch:

The visitor's centre in the park had a 3D map (for which I'm sure there's a proper term that I may even have known once) that certainly looked the way the climb had felt. There's a red dot about halfway up which is where I was at the time...

An exciting descent* followed (no pictures, I'm bold not crazy) followed by lunch and a ride back to the hotel where I'm currently relaxing and paying an exorbitant amount for a high speed connection.

*In truth the descent was fairly controlled, the road curved so much that I had to brake regularly and often to keep within the speed limits. Most of the turns were posted at 25 - 35 KPH limits and I didn't want to be speeding around those corners. Much.

Brian, the tour guide, has just rung and will be meeting me tomorrow at 10AM for the 1st guided ride. It turns out that only two people booked in for the 1st part of the tour (Including me) so top marks to Adventure South for continuuing with the tour!
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