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Games and the NCO played Shostakovich

On Saturday I rode up to meet nevryn, vegetus, and dalekboy for some games of Dominion.

I'm starting to like Dominion a lot, and may buy it soonish (I'm not so sure about the expansions though).

Having said that the best part of the day was the wide ranging discussions over the games with good friends. This was one of the best days I've had in a while, and I'm looking forward to doing it again.

A further bonus, it was also the first time in a while I've ridden any distance which I also enjoyed (although I may have enjoyed the return trip more).

On Sunday the National Capital Orchestra were on in Queanbeyan. The opening numbers were songs by Richard Strauss with the fabulous Rachel Duncan as soloist.

I've heard Ms Duncan perform before so I thought I knew what to expect. I was mostly right: a glorious voice, and a performer who truly enjoys her work.

What I wasn't expecting was the sheer level of power Ms Duncan was producing this time around. At one point I could feel my eardrums vibrating. Wow, where'd that come from?

After the interval the orchestra put on Shostakovich Symphony #8 which was a pleasant surprise. When I saw the NCO put on Shostakovich Symphony #7 I enjoyed the experience more than the music, and I was expecting the same again.

Thankfully, Symphony #8 is quite different, and surprisingly subtle in places. I imagine that the orchestra worked just as hard on this one but it is a much more enjoyable piece of music to listen to.

Whereas I'm not all that likely to pick up Shostakovich #7, I may well consider buying a recording of Shostakovich #8.

I again thank the NCO for putting on a very enjoyable concert.

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