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Here is Greenwood (1991 - 1993, 6 episodes)

Koko Wa Greenwood is an odd bird amongst the OAV flock but well worth a look. Set in a more than usually dysfunctional boarding school in Tokyo with a cast almost universally made up of bishonen, it has a nice balance of comedy and drama.

Thou Shalt Love Thy Daily Life introduces the loonies who live in the dorm of the all-boys Ryokuto Academy, with some genuinely funny gender bending humour. You also have to feel sorry for the lead Kazuya Hasukawa who is set up as the Butt Monkey of the series from well before day one, but he adapts well enough soon enough.

The second episode Nagisa Hyper-Rhapsody does have some disturbing Dude, Not Funny! moments. Fortunately, as far as I can tell from the episode titles and cast list, this was not repeated in the 2008 live action version (which I haven't seen).

Making of "Here is Devil's Wood" has the entire dorm making a fantasy (as in D&D) movie for the school festival. This is a highly amusing episode on a number of levels including the nifty tribute to Castle of Cagliostro and the appearance in a cameo of the manga author Yukie Nasu (complete with a headband marked with an "N" in case you missed it).

Ghost of Green Wood is a nod to the fantasy elements of the manga (according to the wikipedia page there is some really weird stuff going down at Greenwood sometimes), and is fairly light-hearted fun.

However it is the two parter at the end Second Love... Always Be With You that is the real prize in the series. On the surface it is a fairly standard high school romance with a new suitor breaking into a pairing set up since childhood, and one that is clearly expected to continue. 

But it is oh so much more than that. Without giving too much away the central theme is one of respect and equality in a relationship, of a right to have a non-abusive relationship regardless of what friends and family expect of you.

Overall a lot of fun, with some really good character work in the last two episodes.
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