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Day 3 - Meningie to Robe

A fast day's ride beaten on the final legs by a combination of solo riding and headwinds.

The schedule today called for 186Kms.

I managed to keep with the pace for large chunks by attaching myself to the back of other groups and drafting.

To compensate for the insufficient draft I offer in return, I served as the "caller" using my rear vision mirrors to get a better view of what was happening behind.

The drafting pulled up my speed, which was good, but I still had to work harder. This is also good (or will be), but probably contributed to my fading as the day wore on.

Still the stats are pretty good:

Distance: 356.55
Time: 18:49
Average: 19.25KPH (A big improvement!)
Max: 63.9
Total: 4846

And despite being picked up twice, still the furthest I've ever ridden, and the fastest.
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