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Musing on MasterChef

The latest season of MasterChef has started on Channel 10 and despite not expecting much I gave it a look.

Just as well really - the episode is still running as I write this.

MasterChef, like many reality stupidity television shows, strikes me as just mean and nasty in the way it is put together. It is a show more about breaking people than it is about building them, and that doesn't really work for me.

The one exception in my experience is Junior MasterChef which I utterly adored last year, and expect to again later this year.

Junior MasterChef is a completely different show. Granted that Junior MasterChef is no more realistic (and possibly less) than the senior version, Junior MasterChef is much more positive in outlook.

For me that is the key difference.

The last season started with evidence that there are thousands of kids in Australia who can cook well enough to enter. Those that made it through to each round were supported and encouraged at every step.

In short I found Junior MasterChef to be a diet of hope on commercial television.

That alone makes it an astonishingly rare bird indeed and possibly the only piece of commercial television that I'm looking forward to this year.
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