arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Maintenance Miscellanea. I have Cadence!

The Arcadia is back from her service and I have a cadence sensor again! Yay! Thanks Mike!

I'm not intuitive about these things so although I know (intellectually) that spinning the cranks at 80+ (90+ by preference) RPM is better for my knees, I need to see the numbers to remind me to do it properly. And when to shift down a gear or two to get the right resistance for the conditions.

The previous mounting on the inner chain ring had its problems, especially if I slipped the chain and knocked it out of alignment. Hopefully the new mounting inside the left crank will be a lot more reliable. 

You know, I might just have to go for a ride round the lake after work to test out the service and the cadence sensor. 

Also the chain has been stretching, you can see it in the gaps between the chain and the big chain ring, also in the angle of the rear derailleur. So I'll be looking to replace that in April when I get to 10000.

Tags: cycling

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