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SwanCon Day 1: The Joys of a Gaming Foyer

As always I will enjoy SwanCon for the occasional panel, but mostly for the company of friends I only see once or twice a year. My two favourite ways of doing so are conversations over meals, and some friendly gaming.

Prospects for meals look good. ariaflame, rdmasters, leecetheartist and I have already discovered The Sky Cafe / The Dhaba which is an excellent Indian restaurant that is gluten & other ingredients free on request (we removed the coriander leaves).

Prospects for gaming are less inviting. It is unfortunate that the gaming room is more of a foyer and public thoroughfare between panel rooms. We have already seen some of the side effects with some of the tables used as noisy fan lounge, and the foyer is not secure to leave games there unattended.

leecetheartist has commented on the lighting which is not ideal. 

I will also note that the hotel staff very politely cleared the room at about midnight

So don't plan any long games in the evening unless you can move them relatively easily.

In terms of the actual gaming last night, there was a round of collecting the evil cows, aka 6 Nimmt, which spaetlese enjoyed immensely and in doing so made the game much more fun for everyone at the table. </p>

This is why gaming is one of my preferred ways to enjoy the company of friends.

Then, for the first time in years, I played some Mahjong. Yay! I'd forgotten how much fun and frustrating this can be at the same time and I'll probably be looking for more games later in the Con.

And now I shall go in search of breakfast.

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