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Thirty Days of Escaflowne - Day 16 - Dangerous Wounds - Il Veggente

In which the blood pact in The Girl From the Mystic Moon is shown to be a really bad idea, and Dilandau gets badly broken.

The card for this episode is The Magician. A card of conscious action, of power and awareness.

And Van has plenty of that, even if he doesn't use the power wisely.

Dangerous Wounds opens where Red Destiny left off: Blood dripping from Escaflowne's cockpit as a panicked Merle, and then Hitomi calls for Van to wake up.

The energist flares, and a heavily wounded Van is ejected. Allen notices that the cockpit is undamaged and wonders where the wounds came from. Feathers everywhere as The Magician is finally revealed.

Van staggers to his feet mutters about being able to fight, reveals his wings, and promptly collapses unconscious as the wings retract.

Van lies wounded in the cabin and Millerna is helpless in the face of wounds that opened from the inside. Hitomi runs back to the hangar and compares the Escaflowne's damage to Van's wounds.

You guessed it: identical. Things do not look good.

At this point, conveniently, an Asturian convoy carrying Dryden of Asturia comes into view. Dryden is the son of Meiden (who tried to sell Hitomi off in Unexpected Partings),and is also betrothed to Millerna (who, if you recall, is hopelessly in love with Allen).

There's no potential here for romantic conflict here at all. Honest. You in the back: stop sniggering. :)

In addition to being a wealthy merchant, Dryden is also a well educated  bishounen. Like Millerna, Dryden is an interesting character who should not be judged by his misfortune in parents, as demonstrated by his actions later.

Meanwhile Zaibach is opening the powerspot in Freid as Dilandau flies in pursuit of Van.

Dryden sees the Escaflowne and has a minor geekgasm before sharing the legends of Ispano guymelefs. It isn't a pretty story, but Dryden also knows how to summon the Ispano.

But before that Hitomi has a moment of guilt over showing Van how to synchonise so completely with Escaflowne.

The arrival of the Ispano is a real "oh my god" moment: that factory is BIG. The Ispano can repair the Escaflowne but at a ruinous cost of his entire convoy that Dryden chooses to pay without blinking.

As for the repair job: for Van it feels like surgery without anaesthetic. Merle and Hitomi find this very hard to watch - watching Hitomi try to reassure Merle is the touch that really drives how horrible this scene is: she is utterly unconvincing, and clearly trying to convince herself more than Merle.

As it turns out Van does survive and is completely healed. Hitomi tries to warn Van off piloting Escaflowne but he's being a stubbon male.

As Dilandau arrives the Ispano leave with a warning that Van's draconian blood voids the warranty.


Hitomi and Merle try to keep Van out of Escaflowne but he throws them to the floor and heads out anyway.

What follows when he lands is one of, if not the, most one sided curb stomp battles I've ever seen.

[Aside: The TV Tropes comment that is "starts out cathartic and ends up terrifying" is spot on.]

As Van enters into a berserker rage combined with Hitomi's ability to see through the stealth cloak, he utterly destroys Dilandau's Dragonslayers, and in the doing completely breaks Dilandau mind.

Dilandau is basically standing there in a complete and utter panic.

Based on the next scene it is 15 guymelefs and their pilots. Van has gone berserk before but this is the first time he has killed so many so quickly, and there is a price to be paid for that.

As Van moves to kill Dilandau "For Fanelia!", the ghosts of the Dragonslayers intervene to prevent this. Dilandau was their patron, and even in death they will protect him.

Van panics, screams as the 15 ghosts swarm around him, and collapses.

Dangerous Wounds ends with the previously shiny white Escaflowne turning black and toppling backwards.


It occurs to me that in this episode the card refers to both Dryden and Van.

Dryden is an example of power (wealth in this instance) tempered by wisdom, whereas Van simply exercises the power (Hitomi's visions and his synchronisation with Escaflowne) without wisdom and is clearly paying a price for it.

This is an episode where the cry of "Nooooo!" rings out when the end credits roll. The pacing is spot on and the cliffhanger hints at some seriously weird stuff to come.

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