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How I wish this were true...

A quote from 1824: The Arkansas War (which I thoroughly enjoyed).The speaker is President Monroe discussing the lowlife in the process of stealing the 1824 presidential election in the alternate history timeline

"It's one thing to gain office by pandering to prejudice, unreason, and blind fury. Quite another to guide a nation based on them. The first can be done, yes. The second, not at all."

This may have been true once, it is a great tragedy that it is no longer so. :(

UPDATE: The discussion is between Monroe and John Quincy Adams who in the original time line (as opposed to the alternate history of the novel) was the next president. I won't say who the lowlife who steals the election is but those familiar with the period should be able to work it out. 

In any event 1812: The Rivers of War and 1824: The Arkansas War are superb reads and thoroughly recommended.

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