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Pirates of the Burley Griffin
A schedule bears the same relationship to reality as Astrology.
Thirty Days of Escaflowne - Day 15 - The Gender of Escaflowne 
25th-Mar-2011 08:33 pm
Much like I did with Record of Lodoss War I thought I'd take a look at the gender roles in Escaflowne.

You may recall that my summary verdict about Lodoss War was "Oh dear". Escaflowne is much better than that but still has problems.

For a start there will be few, if any, episodes that will pass the Bechdel test. This isn't too surprising given the extent to which romantic tension is central to some of the story arcs but it is a little disappointing.

For a second, Hitomi is all too often cast as the damsel in distress, and romantic tension is a major part of her character arc. Her early contributions against the Dragonslayers are essential but diminish over time. Partly this is because Van learns the trick of it, and partly because Hitomi becomes increasingly horrified by the violence as the series wears on. Not that I blame her - things start nasty on Gaea with the fall of Fanelia and then get progressively worse.

Having said that there are also several positives worth noting.

The female characters, barring single episode appearances, are actual characters with real contributions to make. Most have a degree of complexity and depth that is refreshing, and often development as well.

Hitomi is an accomplished athlete, has the power to see the future, and the entire storyline is her bildungsroman

Millerna, although initially presented as the spoiled princess, rapidly rises above that to become an interesting and rounded character. Millerna is a woman born to power who actually learns skills that will help others, and then earns her power through a willingness to do her duty.

Merle is just fun to watch: annoying kid sister and cat all in one package. :)

Nariya and Eriya I don't want to say too much about yet as I haven't rewatched those episodes yet. However I think it says something that these two are strong enough as characters to be in many ways the fulcrum upon which the entire series hinges. 

And then there's Eries, who we see far too little of, but even in those brief appearances manages to become a fascinating mystery.

Finally there is either no, or minimal, fanservice. Apparently the animators were explicitly instructed to avoid it. I imagine that this took some effort during that 6 meter long jump in a shortish skirt.

So overall I would rate the gender aspects of Escaflowne as "not bad", and probably better than most.

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25th-Mar-2011 10:45 am (UTC)
Yep. There were multiple opportunities to give an upskirt or down-blouse shot in this series WITHOUT even going for special fanservice scripting, and they didn't take a single one of them. Most refreshing in many ways.
25th-Mar-2011 11:30 am (UTC)

The only vaguely fanservice example I can think of is so totally overwhelmed when it happens by that sinking "Oh crap" feeling that I forgot to mention it in the synopsis.
25th-Mar-2011 10:48 am (UTC)
You also get some other interesting gender issues when you learn the SPOILER about SPOILER'S SPOILER and SPOILER.
25th-Mar-2011 11:31 am (UTC)
Could you send me a private LJ message on this?

I may agree with you and if so will want to mention it when I get to the relevant episodes.
25th-Mar-2011 01:00 pm (UTC)
Oh yes. THAT. Thanks for the message, and it will be discussed in due course...
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