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Pirates of the Burley Griffin
A schedule bears the same relationship to reality as Astrology.
A couple of minor points 
19th-Mar-2011 10:46 pm
Some of the movies for the twenty days of animé movies posts are completely new to me. This has already produced mixed results, and may well do so again.

Also the list is not finalised so suggestions are still welcomed in this post or over here. Particularly if you have a strong preference for a given Miyazaki or other Studio Ghibli...
19th-Mar-2011 12:03 pm (UTC)

My Neighbor Totoro is still probably my #1. Then Castle Cagliostro and Laputa:Castle in the Sky. (interesting note: Laputa was built around the same core idea as Nadia: Secret of Blue Water. Gainax was handed this idea by Miyazaki and went to town with it.)

Of his more "adult" fare, probably Spirited Away.
20th-Mar-2011 01:04 am (UTC)
Oooh, Castle Cagliostro. Definitely a possibility...although I might cheat and call that a franchise film instead of a Miyazaki. :)
20th-Mar-2011 01:05 am (UTC)
I can see the similarities between Nadia and Laputa but hadn't been aware of the direct connection.
(Deleted comment)
20th-Mar-2011 01:06 am (UTC)
I think that at this stage Totoro is pretty much a given. :)

The question is increasingly what is the second Miyazaki, and can I justify a third?
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