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Thirty Days of Escaflowne - Day 7 - Unexpected Partings - La Carrozza

More intrigue, and Dilandau comes out to play with the flame-throwers again.

The tag ("Was it a dream? Or a vision?") reveals the card for this episode to be The Chariot

In this episode, from different characters, I think we see both the upright and reversed versions of The Chariot.

At the start of the episode we seethe upright version as focused, controlled, conquest as Van effortlessly disables the three guymelefs set against him. Even more impressive is that Van takes out the energists which provides for a non fatal victory. He is in complete control of the engagement and his subsequent interaction with the King of Asturia is also impressive.

Less impressive is how Hitomi handles the formal dinner celebrating Van's victory, and Millerna's arranged engagement to the son of the more than a little slimy Meiden. Granted that the alcohol doesn't help, and neither does the way Millerna is needling Hitomi. Hitomi's growing infatuation with Allen is leading to some dangerous places at this point.

Dilandau's wound has healed enough to leave a scar but is steadily going crazier from enforced inaction. A message from Zaibach indicates that an invasion of the kingdom of Freid has been ordered, and that the dragon must be captured first. The PS to the message ("Don't get carried away.") is amusing and not well received by Dilandau.

However the invasion will be staged through Asturia so Folken tries to prevent Dilandau from endangering the alliance.

Meanwhile Millerna's elder sister Eries tries to persuade Allen to stop leading Millerna on.

Eries is an interesting character, and one that we don't see enough of. For one thing it is never entirely clear why Eries isn't in the line of succession, but Millerna is. One wiki I've seen speculates that Eries is also infatuated with Allen despite relatively little evidence to support it.

An evening spar between Van and Allen continues the running gag of Van getting trashed (although to be fair he is getting better, or at least Allen thinks so). This leads to one of the classic romantic animé clichés where Millerna is aware of Hitomi's presence and kisses Allen primarily to stake her claim, and hurt Hitomi's feelings. Millerna does not come out of this episode at all well.

Hitomi flees to her room in tears, kicks out an enthusiastically curious Merle, and is promptly kidnapped by geckomen with a submarine.

Meanwhile the king of Asturia is lying through his teeth to Folken about his inability to find the disguised Escaflowne when it is spotted by Zaibach in pursuit of Hitomi. The King of Asturia is a smooth operator and immediately requests Zaibach assistance whilst expressing surprise at the disguise (that he had ordered earlier in the episode).

Dilandau arrives in Palas and someone let him out with flame-throwers. The destruction is immense and rather than add to it by continuuing the fight, Van, Hitomi, and Merle flee in the flying dragon form of Escaflowne. As they leave Allen confronts Dilandau in Schezarade.

I think that Dilandau represents the reversed Chariot here: uncontrolled aggression that lashes out fruitlessly in all directions.

This is a strong episode overall, although Hitomi's developing romantic interest in Allen will be something of a bait-and-switch in later episodes. Knowing that it rings a bit hollow now, but works well enough on the first pass through.

I've been listening to the dub as I write these posts so I'll talk about that tomorrow.

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