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Thirty Days of Escaflowne - Day 5 - The Seal of the Brothers - Il Giudizo

In some respects this is an episode as exciting as it is contrived to meet the demands of the plot.

The recap of the previous episode establishes that the card for this episode is Judgement before resuming the pursuit of Van by Dilandau's Dragonslayers.

Who, as it turns out, are faster and armed with ranged weapons. Van and Escaflowne are captured relatively easily by the resident nutter.

Allen hides the Crusade whilst conducting repairs and tries to work out where the floating fortress will be hiding for political reasons.

It is at this point that Hitomi offers to use her powers to locate Van. Allen is more than sceptical. He basically pats her on the head and tells her to not bother the Knights.

Hitomi does not react well and demands the opportunity for her powers to be tested.

Allen agrees to the test as the scene cuts back to the fortress. Dilandau has search parties out as Folken extracts Van by placing his hand on the gem housing the energist.

Incidentally there is an error in the dub translation in this episode - Dilandau names Van during the pursuit in the dub but is still surprised to recognise him when Van is removed  from Escaflowne.

Hitomi's test is to do a reading for Allen and the Judgement card appears here as a fairly pointed commentary on Allen's relationship with his long gone father. It turns out that doing a reading on Allen was perhaps not a particularly bright idea - there is a lot of angst buried there - but Hitomi is so determined to convince Allen that she pushes on anyway. Fortunately Allen is convinced before she spills too many of the beans in front of his troops.

Family is the theme of the episode as Folken is revealed as Van's brother. The reunion is somewhat... strained. The sedative needle in Folken's prosthetic arm was a nice touch though.

Oh, and did I mention that Folken has wings that he can make appear at will?

Back to the Crusade and Hitomi with help from Merle successfully dowses out Van's location and the assault is soon underway.

This is where the episode becomes contrived. The problem here is one of asymmetrical warfare: Zaibach has more and better toys,  as well as more troops. In terms of scale think of a patrol boat (the Crusade) attempting to board and storm an aircraft carrier.

As history has repeatedly shown if the disadvantaged force fights the same way as their opponents, then the disadvantaged force gets trashed nine times out of ten. And having this be the tenth time really wouldn't work.

To make it work a curious Dilandau repeats Folken's actions in touching the energist housing. Escaflowne objects to the unauthorised access but the resulting explosion does not injure Dilandau or damage Escaflowne.

It does however at just the right second do just the right amount of damage to disable the floating fortress, allowing the Crusade to get a boarding party across. It helps that the Zaibach mount ranged weapons on the guymelefs but not on the fortress.

Yeah. Right.

[Aside: Actually there is an explanation for it that comes out much later in the series but for now you're left with a massive contrivance]

A further issue is that Zaibach have no personal ranged weapons other than crossbows...which means that the attack is a melee and Allen's seven troopers are much better at it. You could almost call them a magnificent seven. :)

During the escape Folken returns Van's sword.

Hitomi also has a vision of Van being struck down from behind.

However Hitomi's 6 meter long jump to reach the fortress to go in search of him isn't contrived. A previous personal best of 5.4 metres is highly credible for a good 16 year old female athlete. Adrenaline adding 60 centimetres or so when the consequences are two lives on the line is also quite reasonable (at least in my mind). Merle's slightly stunned reaction of "bakemono" ("she's a monster") is quite amusing.

The jump is very carefully done - it is clear that Hitomi has measured her run up and knows exactly where her jump off point is. I'm not sure if this saves the episode or simply highlights the earlier contrivances even more.

Naturally Hitomi arrives just in time to warn Van about Dilandau sneaking up behind him In the resulting clash Dilandau ends up with quite the impressive cut on his face. Dilandau does not handle this well, and the next time Van meets Dilandau could be unpleasant as a result.

The group complete their escape and set course for Palas, the capital of Asturia.

Despite the criticisms above I actually do like this episode but mostly for Hitomi's part in it: she stands up for herself, displays significant emotional and physical courage, and her athletic abilities are a nice piece of realism in an otherwise over the top episode.

There is some key information hinted at, and it moves the plot along nicely.

Overall a good episode but not one of the best episodes.

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