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Twenty Days of Lodoss War - Day 11 - Nice Job Breaking It Hero

I mentioned yesterday that there was an underlying theme to Requiem for Warriors.

Unintended consequences.

Or, as TV Tropes would have it, Nice Job Breaking It Hero.

I contend that most, if not all, of the bad stuff in the remaining episodes is an unintended consequence of freeing Leylia from Karla. At least from the perspective of Parn et al (even though they may not realise it).

I'm not even talking about Woodchuck being possessed by Karla, at least not directly.

Indirectly... it appears Karla's powers are at least partly dependent on the powers of the host.

And since Woodchuck has no magical ability to speak of, Karla isn't powerful enough any more to simply slap Wagnard down when he started getting frisky.


As we'll see in the days to come, there's a lot of bad stuff coming that could have been ended quickly by putting Wagnard down.

I also think that this cuts both ways. That the old hero Wort with the necessary information, and the new heroes with the strength, to take Karla down were created by the endless conflicts that Karla stage managed over the centuries.

So from Karla's perspective: Oops.

Granted that many of these unintended consequences are necessary for the ongoing storyline but I think that the message for the viewer is still valid.

And at least Parn et al do deal with the consequences eventually.

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