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Days like these...

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at all the mini disasters that land on you.

Yesterday, due to a somewhat depleted cycling wardrobe and some bad timing, I had to do a couple of short rides in t-shirt and shorts.

This was the first (and hopefully last) time in years that I've had to do this. My stupid: it burns me. Literally - my forearms and lower legs now have a bright red sunburn. Ow, ow, ow.

I made damn sure to wash the new gear straight AFTER that.

Then I completely ran out of chain lubricant just as I finished the job. This was lucky as it was late enough on a Sunday that I'd wouldn't have been able to get more if I was short.

This morning I managed to:
- drop and break a mostly empty jar of Vegimite
- spill milk
- forget my bike lock
- step in the only puddle in a twenty metre radius

At this stage I'll tempt fate and note that about the only mini disaster missing from that list is a visit from the p*nct*re pixies. Which, granted, may be due to the brand new set of tyres mounted in the last week or so.

I also hauled a heavy load of records to the accountant - my legs are still protesting the effort involved in that.

Sometimes you just have to laugh at it all.

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