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Time for an extended good news/bad news routine

In a twitter this morning I plaintively asked for ONE dry ride this week.

Good New: I got a dry ride home (barring a puddle or two).

Bad News: A flat tyre on Commonwealth Bridge.

Good News: Getting the tyre off and finding the glass shard was pretty easy, as was mounting the new tube/tyre

Bad News: Did I mention that it was the rear wheel?

Good Karma News*: At least two cyclists offering help, one of whom provided a light when...

Frustratingly Dirty News: ...Attempting to remount the rear wheel was a painful, messy, and apparently futile process.

Embarrassing News: Finally taking the trailer hitch off the rear skewer and remounting the wheel in about 30 seconds.

Good News: Arriving home to find a box of cafe press goodies from leecetheartist. There may be photos later, I quite like the Endeavour mug and the Brown Falcon is simply fabulous on a black T-shirt.

*Yes, I do make a habit of offering assistance to cyclists who are in trouble. What goes around...

Tired now.
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