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Thirty Days of Animé - Day 25 - Best animé villain

I'll be discussing two characters here, and there are major spoilers for Magic Knight Rayearth and Fushigi Yugi coming. Some readers will find the Fushigi Yugi section disturbing.

First up is an alternative view of  Clef from Rayearth. For those who have seen the series this supposedly good guy knew from the start that the Magic Knights had been summoned to perform an assisted suicide.

And he didn't tell them until killing Princess Emeraude was the only way to save their own lives.

Did I mention that the Magic Knights are eighth graders, ie: they are only 14 years old.

That alone makes Clef a bastard.

The entire second season* of Rayearth is born of the Magic Knights having had to deal with killing a human. It is safe to say that they don't handle it well for a while.

But when the Magic Knights return to Cephiro in the second season he lies again, and asks another character Sierra to live a lie: to live as her twin sister Presea who the Magic Knights believe to be dead.

It is also possible to view Clef as manipulating the events of the second season to force Hikaru's ascension to the Pillar of Cephiro.

I'm actually in two minds about Clef, but the alternative view is compelling enough that he can be quite a disturbing character to watch at times.

However the best, purest, villain I've ever encountered in animé has to be Nakago from the Seiryu Seishi. Years back when watching this series at JAFWA with rdmasters, leecetheartist, and others Nakago was the villain who evoked one of the most visceral reactions I've ever had to a character. "Nakago's a bastard" was our oft-repeated refrain.

His manipulations of the heroes were bad, brutal, and ruthless enough with a willingness to stoop to murder and mindcontrol that was simply breathtaking.

But it was his treatment of Yui Hongo, his supposed priestess and leader, that was truly appalling.

In the Fushigi Yugi universe the mikos (priestesses) can after collecting the right plot coupons summon their god and obtain three wishes.

In order to gain control of those wishes Nakago did his absolute best to destroy Yui's freedom and sense of self.

To be acceptable to the god, a miko must be a virgin (no surprises there). And young (15 or 16) (again no surprises there).

But Nakago made sure that Yui did not know this.


Because Nakago wanted Yui to hate her former best friend Miaka Yuki.

To do so he convinced Yui that Miaka had abandoned her (she hadn't) and was therefore responsible for Yui's having been raped.

Except it didn't happen. At least, not technically in the physical sense.

There was an attempt (which was bad enough) that I think Nakago was responsible for (which is worse) but he offed his mooks before they could finish. Nagako then presented himself to Yui as her hero and protector.

Nakago's villainy and evil ranges in scale from epic kingdom shattering deeds to deeply personal mind rape. I find the more personal evil to be the most horrifying and the treatment of Yui in particular was something that I found to be very confronting.

Towards the end there were attempts to justify Nakako's actions with a tragic back story.

However I still cheered when Nakago got what was coming to him at the end.

*The second season of Rayearth is entirely necessary, has more character development than the first, and twice as many episodes as it needs. Oh well, two out of three ain't bad.

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