arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Sun through the smoke

As mentioned by shazgirl     we recently had a sunset through smoke in the air from bushfires.

I was riding home at the time with camera to hand* and some pictures are beneath the cut. 

There is a globe hanging in the air between the National Gallery and the High Court. I'm not sure of the symbolism other than it being public art and looking kind of cool but I thought a photo of a reddish sun through it would work pretty well. And it did, I'm quite pleased by this photo. 

Just a little later I took this one from the northern edge of the lake looking at the National Library straight ahead with the High Court in the bottom left hand corner. The reflection on the water is pretty cool I think. 

*As is my wont these days. I may not always remember to use the thing but at least it is always there.

UPDATE: I can see the photos but apparently no one else can. I wonder what's going on there...
Tags: cycling, friends, photography

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