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Thirty Days of Anime - Day 20 - Most ambiguous anime character

Now this is a tough one.

When I first sketched out my posts for this (to make sure I could do most of them) my initial selection was Karla The Grey Witch from the Record of Lodoss Wars OAVs.

This was a character who was alternately helping both sides. It took a while to find out why: she ( punatrf bppnfvbanyyl) is seeking to avoid the heartache and grief caused when empires fall by preventing them from rising in the first place (such is the course of empire). 

Karla was, and is, a sophisticated implementation of a True Neutral/Balance Seeking character that also makes some subtle political points (that the protagonists reject but they still left me with things to think about).

But in the end Karla is also a well understood character: her motivations are clear and, to a point, sympathetic.

So I needed another character who is, and remains, ambiguous and mysterious. That gets a bit tougher, particularly when you consider how many anime tend to reveal all at the end in one way or another.

In the end I'm going for Reki from Haibane Renmei. This is a character seeking to overcome some seriously nasty unfinished business...only we never find out exactly what it was. In fact all of the older Haibane are souls with unfinished business given that they are named for dreams that they had*.

But beyond a dream that they may or may not remember clearly, none of the Haibane remember what that business might be. Oh I can make some reasonably good guesses, particularly for Rakka, Nemu, and Reki but guesses are all they are.

Reki eventually overcomes it with Rakka's help by becoming the mask she chose for herself but never finds out what it was, or why that was the way out.

So in the end ambiguity is central to the Haibane and it never goes away, even with the drama surrounding Reki's inner turmoil.

*Aside: The younger feathers are named for dreams that they have which makes me wonder if they represent unfinished souls instead.

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