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My WorldCon Program Items

Yes I'm going. I've booked flights and a hotel arriving in Melbourne Thursday morning. So, since it seemed to be the done thing here are the two items I'll be doing:

Spirits on screen: Supernatural anime

Whether based on traditional Japanese mythology or legend, or drawn from international cultures, stories of the supernatural form a major component of anime and manga. From Spirited Away to Mushi-Shi to Haibane Renmei and beyond, we cast ancritical eye of one of anime’s most popular genres.
John Samuel, René Walling, Lars Adler
Sunday 1000 Room 212

Rocket boys and rocket girls

An examination of space exploration and the high frontier through the visions of filmmakers and animators from around the world. Are the myths and dreams of space best told visually because the world watched humanity’s attempts at space exploration on film and television in the first place? A critical look at the last frontier, through the eyes of The Right Stuff, Wings  of Honneamise, October Sky, Rocket Girls, Planetes and other films, TV dramas and animes.
John Samuel, Lars Adler, Juan Sanmiguel
Sunday 1600 Room 210
Tags: musings, sf cons

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