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Thirty Days of Anime - Day 15 - A reality check for a genre you like

With a journal called  (and themed) "Pirates of the Burley Griffin" and a default icon sourced from Arcadia of My Youth it shouldn't come as a surprise that I have a fondness for Romantic/Heroic Space Pirates as a genre. From the noble Captain Harlock and the impossibly elegant Queen Emeraldas to the feisty crews of the Sol Bianca and the Outlaw Star, this is a rich and often fantastic genre that is well worth digging into.

Just check your brain at the door when you do.

Throughout history real pirates have been (and unfortunately still are: Somali Pirates) thugs. Murderous, brutal, thugs and other less savoury things.

The romantic/heroic pirate, a sorta villain but with a heart of gold is mostly a myth. There are occasional examples in history but they are the exceptions that prove the rule.

In short: as soon as pirate gets prefaced by romantic and/or heroic, your reality check has bounced.


And then we come to the feasibility of actually conducting piracy in space.

Yeah. Right. 

Do I really have to do the "Space is Big" routine?

Successful piracy in space requires being able to:
a) Find your target; and
b) Take your target; and
c) Do so without being caught by those annoying Navy types who, historically, tend to view your activities with some prejudice (as in: "terminate with extreme").

Bear in mind that if you can find your target (Space is Big), the navy can probably find you.

Apart from anything else, navies usually have a bigger budget, better techno toys, nastier guns/missiles/lasers and lots more of them.

In short: as soon as pirate gets prefaced by space & successful, your reality check has bounced.

To be fair though, space piracy can be justified with some thought into how the universe works. This is one of the things that David Weber does well in the Honorverse. But his pirates are unquestionably thugs, and tend to only prosper in politically unstable (and otherwise generally undesirable) areas of the galaxy. They also tend to get smacked around hard when the professional navies catch up with them... and pirate hunting seems to be quite a hobby for several of them. Which is what you'd expect from a naval historian.

However I don't think that any of the anime examples mentioned above of the romantic space pirate make a lot of sense.

Or, come to think of it, any sense at all sometimes (Matsumoto Leiji I'm looking at you).

And you know something? I don't care.

Sometimes your heroic space pirate is just fun and stylish to watch.

And occasionally so completely stylish as to make everything else irrelevant (Matsumoto Leiji I'm looking at you).

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