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Pirates of the Burley Griffin
A schedule bears the same relationship to reality as Astrology.
Thirty Days of Anime - Day 13 - Worst Instalment of a franchise you do like. 
25th-Aug-2010 08:03 pm
Open Road!
When this topic made its appearance in the list my first thought was to pick Bubblegum Crash or any one of a number of other dreadful sequels out there. There were also several instalments of Tenchi Muyo and/or El Hazard contending for the (dis?)honour. However I disqualified those on the grounds that I don't actually like the franchises as a whole.

So then I selected one of the most egregious examples of false advertising in anime: WXIII: Patlabor the Movie 3.

Because the one thing that this isn't is a Patlabor movie. Oh, WXIII isn't too bad for what it actually is (which is an anime version of Godzilla) but SV2 only make a cameo appearance in the last 15 minutes.

And I wanted a Patlabor movie!

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17th-Sep-2010 09:17 am (UTC)
Possibly. And IIRC it WAS good to see the detectives get centre stage for a while.

Which was another good aspect of the Patlabor series: With the exception of Captain Goto, SV2 SUCKED at being anything BUT SV2.

Which is why he would call in the detectives (Matsui?) whenever he needed anything NOT involving the Ingrams. :)
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