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Day 2 - Victor Harbour to Meningie

4 riding sessions today - 2 good, 2 painful.

The 1st, Victor Harbour to Goolwa was along a curvy bike trail that sometimes veered onto back streets that may as well have been bike paths for all the cars that weren't there.

Really fun, fast ride. Goolwa is again a pretty little place the central square of which felt almost like a set for an Australian version of the Gilmore Girls!

Goolwa to Strathalbyn was also a fun ride, and again I made fairly good time courtesy of the tail wind.

Strathalbyn to Wellington was the 1st time today when I admitted defeat. Straight into a brutal head wind I simply couldn't maintain the speed to make it to Wellington in time for lunch. However, All Trails is a well organised touring group and as the last rider the mechanic Peter was sitting just behind me in the luggage truck so all I had to do was stop and ask to be picked up.

I didn't want to; but it was the only fair thing to do for the rest of the group.

Wellington to Meningie: Again a painful hard slog into a headwind. I held out until I was 15ks out of Meningie before giving in as I was still over an hour out.

Still a rewarding ride, but very painful to find my downhill freewheel speed cut by 12kph by the headwind!

Here's hoping that tomorrows endurance run to Robe (186Ks in a day! Yikes!) won't be plagued by those winds again!.
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