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Thirty Days of Anime - Day 8 - Most Epic Scene Ever

The exploration of space has been the dream for many, and it is my contention that film/tv (including anime) is the medium best suited to the legends and myths of space.

The world saw, and heard, the real thing on TV so it is only natural that tales in the same medium will resonate more than tales in other media. 

And so there was only ever going to be one choice for this post: launch day in Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise.

The whole sequence with the scientists blinking as the tension rises (approaching tanks will do that), and Shiro makes his impassioned plea to ahead with the launch is possibly the emotional high point of the film. During this sequence you can almost feel Alan Shepard's presence in the room - for me that is how well this scene resonates with the Freedom 7 launch.

The countdown proceeds apace as steps are skipped, the enemy tanks are approaching, dogfights are starting and Shiro calmly awaits the lighting of the candle.

And then the launch itself.

Best just to show it I think (quality isn't too bad, no subtitles though)

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