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Thirty Days of Anime - Day 6 - Most Annoying Anime Character

Within the context of the original Macross, Lynn Minmei is annoying but necessarily so. Certainly her presence within the original is not enough to qualify as the most annoying anime character ever.

The core of Macross is a coming of age story for the male lead Ichijyo Hikaru (aka Rick Hunter for those who have only seen Robotech). In that story Minmei and the other female lead Hayase Misa (aka Lisa Hayes) represent the adolescent and adult romantic interests respectively.

When Hikaru acts like a professional officer and adult, he and Misa get along just fine. It’s when he’s thinking like a typical adolescent male that he’s drawn to Minmei...and gets in endless trouble with Misa who is an adult.

Over the course of the series Hikaru matures, and is inevitably drawn away from the girl towards the woman.

 [Aside: there are, unfortunately, some elements of Misa’s character in the later Macross episodes that are utterly cringeworthy . If you’ve seen them you know what they are, however the basic message still holds. Mostly.]

In that sense Minmei is exactly who she has to be.

The problem is that in order to maintain Minmei’s attraction and role in the triangle, she had to be made into a plot device. A subsequent obsession with this plot device has had a major distorting effect on the rest of the Macross franchise. It is this distorting effect that makes Minmei, retrospectively, the most annoying anime character ever.

I generally agree with angriest that the fannish attitude of “There is no Highlander 2” is childish, but you have to wonder how bad something was when this is the attitude of the studio that runs the franchise. And on that note I give you Macross II which was shunted out of continuity into its own universe, despite being originally intended (and advertised) as a direct sequel. Reason: the “Minmei effect” being a weapon that Earth relied on was a truly atrocious idea. I remember seeing one or two episodes and it truly is as bad as it sounds.

Macross Plus was the first instalment after the original that I was prepared to watch (fortunately, it is a wonderful piece of work). It managed to make it work by having a good (and short) story, excellent characters, and utterly awesome music.

Macross 7 was less of a disaster than Macross II (it is still part of continuity) but I remember flinching when I heard the premise. Apparently it is better than it sounds. It would need to be.

I’ve only seen one episode of Macross Frontier, and guess what, there’s an idol singer in the first episode.


Repeat after me: Super Dimension Fortress Macross succeeded despite Minmei, Super Dimension Fortress Macross did not succeed because of Minmei.

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