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Stirring music and Explosions!

I know I've mentioned this before but the National Capital Orchestra are putting on a charity concert in March that will feature special effects courtesy of Questacon's Excited Particles. For "special effects" read "explosions". :)

Sunday March 4th (probably afternoon)

Charity Concert as part of the Smith Family Open Day at Government House
Program to include 1st movement of Beethoven 5, Peter and the Wolf and 1812 overture with explosions from the Excited Particles
Beethoven 5 is otherwise known as "Da da da dum".
Peter and the Wolf is an intro course on a symphony orchestra cunningly disguised as a Russian folk story.
1812 Overture with SFX support by the Excited Particles group from Questacon.
I'll be in New Zealand but anyone else in the ACT interested in classical music should rock up to this. 
A) There will be explosions
B) Its in a good cause
C) The music will be good. Trust me on this; I've been going to the NCO concerts for a couple of years now and I've yet to be disappointed. This particular concert last year was a blast! (If you'll pardon the expression)
D) Did I mention the explosions?
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