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Green Lantern Logo and Cast

As found by angriest the forthcoming Green Lantern has an exceedingly cool logo.

The linked article also has a cast list. As far as I can tell the seventh name listed is the first female name, ie: a minor character at best. 

This... disappoints me.

Now, I've never really read Green Lantern, but the thing about the franchise that has always appealed to me is that the GLs aren't intrinsically physical heroes. It's all about the will, ie the mental or moral strength, and the creativity to apply that will.

In other franchises there usually needs to be some justification for the female hero having the physical strength to compete, be it magical (Buffy), divine (Wonder Woman), trained from birth to be an assassin (the Cassandra Cain Batgirl). I'm not saying that this is necessarily right, only that it is often needed to get past the suspension of disbelief.

The only qualification for being a Green Lantern is to be a good person with the will to stand against evil.

To me, more than for almost any other franchise*, this means that there is absolutely no excuse for not having gender balance.

Especially if they are going with the tagline of "Anyone can be chosen".

Except, apparently, women. Grrrrrr.

*The other obvious exception to me is the Iron Man/armoured suit genre, cf Bubblegum Crisis.

Speaking of which, would anyone else kill for a good Bubblegum Crisis live action movie now that Iron Man has proven that it can be done, and done well?
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