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Hill Training- Pleasant, Ainslie, Black

Obviously one of the things I'm going to face in NZ is hills and lots of them. In addition to training for distance (see last post) I also need to train for prolonged climbs. Long descents don't really need to be practised, those are more of a bonus to be enjoyed. :)

So I got started on that this morning by climbing Mount Pleasant, Mount Ainslie, and Black Mountain in succession over the course of about 2-1/2 hours.

I'm reasonably pleased by the fact that I can do those climbs and not feel too bad afterwards. Actually I feel pretty good sitting here at the moment writing this.

OTOH I need to be faster. Its all very well to be able to climb damn near anything at 4KPH, on a supported tour that may well be too slow for the tour to complete its distances each day. I'll have to work on that in the coming weeks so I expect I'll be repeating this mornings ride.

Mount Pleasant is the first and easiest of the hills. The hardest bit is the approaches to ADFA before you get to the main climb. Once rolling past the ADFA obstacle course the incline is reasonably gentle and I could spin my way up at 8-9KPH.

Here's a view of the Artillery memorial and this may also be General Bridges' gravesite (the only Gallipoli casualty returned to Australia for burial, I know he's buried on Mount Pleasant but I don't know where exactly).

Next was Mount Ainslie which has a nastier incline that gets steeper as you go further, a 10% incline in places. I didn't granny out until about half way up so reasonably pleased by that. Here's a shot taken just before getting to the top (and you can still see the road sloping up).

A brief photo stop at the top (and the views are worth it, anyone who comes to Canberra should head to the top of Mount Ainslie at least once). I think this was the best of my shots up there today:

The run down Mount Ainslie is a total rush. Somewhere in there I maxed out at 72.6KPH. Yeeehaaaaa!

From there to Black Mountain was a fairly quick run along Lake Burley Griffin.

Despite not being as high as Mount Ainslie, I think Black Mountain is a harder climb. It starts steeper so you are in granny gear earlier and longer. Having said that I still made the climb to here in less than half an hour:

Most of the best views from Black Mountain are obscured by trees, and I didn't feel like paying for entrance to Telstra Tower this morning. Maybe next week.

The ride down Black Mountain is also very exciting, but requires more use of brakes. Allow me a moment to sing the praises of hydraulic disc brakes! :)

All in all a pleasant morning ride. Now to do it again next week!.
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