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Most of the way to Gunning

Australia Day seemed like an ideal time to go for a long ride. I'm not really into crowds, and the country roads would be fairly quiet so I organised to start from Acton Ferry Terminal with whoever from the Canberra Mob was interested.

 Whilst I was waiting I took a few photos of the swans and the yapping dog that tried to harass them. Fortunately his owners called him off and leashed him before he could get hurt. Trust me on this, the swans were this close to coming out of the water to teach him a lesson.

I was joined by Michael (on an X5, the racing version of my GT5) and Jackie on a compact frame GT3.

Heading north through the suburbs we found our way onto the Federal Highway:

As above image shows the Federal Highway out of Canberra is actually quite nice to ride on. It has a really wide shoulder that can comfortably fit two trikes side by side, and the hotmix is teflon smooth (which makes even the hills bearable).

Then we turned onto Sutton Road heading for Sutton, Gundaroo, & (maybe) Gunning. This next shot taken by Michael shows the open road stretching away from me. Gee life's hard. :)

The ride to Gundaroo is pleasant with some hills although not too bad (at least when you're fresh). On the way we passed the turnoff to Murrumbateman and I remembered that a friend at work lives there so I called him when we arrived at Gundaroo to invite him to lunch but there was no answer

That was at about 11:30ish and settled down for lunch at the Cork St Cafe. The service and food were great and just as we finished Darren rang me back. He guessed immediately that we were at the Cork St Cafe, it has an excellent reputation apparently (and a well deserved one at that).

Jackie chose to ride home from Gundaroo but Michael and I decided to try for Gunning.

Hard work, Gundaroo to Gunning is mostly uphill it seems and it was already 2:00PM when we hit the 10Km marker. None of us wanted to be much later than 6ish returning to Canberra so we turned around then.

So here's one last photo taken 10Ks out of Gunning with Michael and his X5 on the left.

The ride back was pretty much more of the same, just harder. :) I found I was tiring towards the end of the day but still managed to put on fairly good speeds on the last run down Northbourne Ave.

One thing that was interesting on this ride was the horses. Various threads on 'Bent Rider Online have discussed the tendency of trikes to scare horses, and how to manage this in a courteous and safe fashion. Along the route there were a number of horses in paddocks and their reactions varied considerably.

One or two were skittish enough to convince me that caution is the order of the day should I ever encounter horse and rider on a trail or path somewhere. But there were other reactions - some clearly wanted to play, others would give us no more than a glance before going back to feeding, and one completely ignored us.


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