arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Some unexpected reasons why I love the trike

Beyond the obvious of comfort, fun, and the 10 kilos I've lost since November 05. These are things that I didn't see coming, and that I would never give up.

1. The reactions of kids. "Thats sooo coool!" "Wicked!" "Great bike!" "Look at that!". Sometimes I can light up a kids day just by riding past. Money just can't buy the feeling of satisfaction that gives me.

2. Safety. All too often cars don't know what I am so they steer clear. They'll even cross into the other lane to avoid me. 

3. Other trikers. My last post is in many ways typical of my encounters with other recumbent riders. If we're going in opposite directions, no more than a wave and a smile. But when we're going the same way, chatting amicably is generally the way it goes. Yesterday I stopped to chat to Brett who I'd only met once a year ago when I saw him parked on the south edge of Lake Burley Griffin. And there are a lot of recumbent riders in Canberra, I keep seeing new ones all the time.

Life is good.
Tags: musings, trikes

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