arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Wings of War Yesterday.

A fun game was had but the result was also... meh.

We each started with a Nieuport 16 with rockets targeting the opposing balloon. There was a brief exchange of fire on the way to the balloons. These entered from the southern end of each line. The observers bailed out of the balloons as soon as they saw the rockets coming. It turns out that the crawlingly slow Nieuports can actually pull off rocket attacks quite successfully.

Two turns later a Spad and an Albatross entered from the same end as the Nieuports, and were also targeting the balloons. To make things interesting, incendiary bullets were added to these fighters.

Two turns after that the "WTF is going on over there" forces arrived from the northern end of the line: two Spads and two albatrosses.

Mostly ineffective mayhem, hilarity, and collisions ensued. In the end I managed to land my balloon before it exploded and Patrick's Nieuport was the only casualty of the day.

In the end it was a fun afternoon that consumed most of the A deck and a good chunk of the C deck for remarkably little in the way of outcomes.

I have some photos on the iphone which I may post later.
Tags: friends, games

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