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A Noisy Phone Line... making my dialup connection interesting in the sense of the ancient chinese curse (which is apparently neither ancient nor chinese).

As a followup to my previous post, the 35 odd KM I rode on Saturday pushed me to a sub-1000 ranking on Bike Journal. Yay! This probably won't last given that I didn't ride on Sunday. (Aside: Just checked and as of this minute my ranking is 1004)

I saw two more episodes of "Life on Mars" on Saturday in excellent company (which is at least half the fun). The series is commanding my attention, and I certainly want to watch more of it. I'm just not sure at the moment if I like series, or am watching it because its good even though I may not like it. 

In any event "Life on Mars" is an extremely well written show and if you haven't seen it you should at least check it out.

The new camera is working well (got some nice photos of the Captain Cook waterjet this morning) but I still need to work out transferring the photos & a better way of carrying it for immediate access.

Tags: cycling, friends, photography, reviews

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