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SwanCon Post The Sixth: Monday & Tuesday.

Four hours of my life that I will never get back...

The big issue at the business meeting was the restructure of WASFF. There was a long hard discussion before the restructuring was passed and I hope it works as intended.

Superficially it looks good but like rdmasters and some others I simply wasn't confident enough of the ramifications to vote for. I remain uneasy at the fact that the Conventions Steering Committee will, from 2011, contain three members (past, current, and pending convention convenors) who will not be members of the WASFF board (the text in the constitution making them Board Members was removed). I do appreciate crankynick discussing it with me on the Thursday but I was still uneasy about it when it came to the crunch.

As in previous years I was an assistant returning office for crankynick for both the 2012 bids (congratulations to DoomCon for winning) and the WASFF Board elections (and again congratulations to the winners).

After a quick lunch there was the usual end of con vagueness setting in but I think I managed some gaming in there before preparations for the closing ceremony began.

The shaving of the hair finally occurred at the closing ceremony, with Guest of Honour Scott Sigler wielding the clippers (no, not those clippers). There were many flashes going off, and much amusing commentary, but I don't actually have any photos yet. Given the lack of mirrors and (during the process) lack of glasses most people saw it before I did.

The rest of the closing ceremony was short and quick with a quick escape to my room for a shower to wash off loose hairs.

Dinner with shazgirl at the Lido and dessert with the committee at Capriccios (spelling?) wrapped up the convention for me.

This morning I rode home and sadfanboy kindly brought the stuff that I couldn't fit on the trike.

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