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SwanCon Post The Fifth: Sunday

A light day leading into a busy evening

As is usual for this stage of a convention I socalised over breakfast. Although not with the players of the Tequila Nuclear War, for some reason they weren't in evidence...

I spent the day looking over my shoulder for the impending haircut only to be left in suspense. I did find out that the total raised for cancer research was just over $300 which I'm quite pleased by. I spent some time gaming* and hearing rumours that panels were continuuing to occur on time and as programmed. However I didn't pay much attention to this until baby_elvis & emma_in_oz arrived in the early afternoon and it was time for the Heinlein panel.

This panel was a lot of fun to prepare for and do. I reviewed a number of the Heinlein juveniles (click on the Heinlein Juveniles tag for more) and some of my observations are now up on the web for all to see. Emma and Gina had a number of insights that I appreciated and some polite disagreements over relative quality, mostly with respect to Starman Jones and The Star Beast. There was general agreement that the universe of Tunnel in the Sky is just icky.

Then there was the very professional SwanCon 2011 launch with some wonderful guests announced and a new venue (the Hyatt). There was some grumbling about the opening membership price of $150 but I've little sympathy for this (as I've mentioned elsewhere). And, yes, I've bought my membership already. The move to the Hyatt is a courageous one and I applaud the committee and WASFF for taking the chance.

After that was some dinner before returning to the gaming room to be introduced to Power Grid, albeit with a gap in the middle whilst Steveg and I presented the Anime Archetypes panel. The panel was fairly successful (or at least I thought so) and I'll attempt to post my notes for it shortly. Power Grid was less so (as in I came last after a promising start) but it looks like a fascinating game that I'd like to play more.

And then to bed to prepare for the last day of the con. Boo!

*EDIT: In particular I spent much of the afternoon prior to the Heinlein panel playing an epic game of Wings of War with rdmasters, leecetheartist, crankynick, Steveg, David Webb, and some others who I forget (apologies). Oddly I spent most of this game ignoring (and being ignored by) the dogfight way up there whilst my humble Spud concentrated on strafing the trenches.
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