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SwanCon Post The First: Thursday

Had a fairly pleasant ride into the hotel (and I only got lost a little bit at the end) thanks to rdmasters jogging my memory of the route.

Once checked in I started hanging around the rego desk and was handed a really neat jacket (guest perk :) ) to make me go away, which I did. I can see this jacket becoming a favourite really easily. :)

Then it was the usual opening day socialising without the formalities. The opening ceremony was shifted to Friday to make the Thursday more relaxed. Given that many people have to work on the Thursday, then get to the hotel, then check in, then register for the con, I think this is an excellent idea and one I would recommend to future committees.

Instead of the opening ceremony there was an enjoyable cocktail party followed by a couple of late night panels. I presented Rocket Boys and Rocket Girls: Is the Dream Best Told On Film with the last minute addition of a co-panellist named Andrew. Hardly surprisingly much of what I had to say centred on The Right Stuff and the Wings of Honneamise. A fun panel to do and I learnt a few things myself along the way.

After that I rocked up to the always entertaining Trailer Park, sans angriest who has abandoned us for Melboune, but David Gunn and his merry band of offsiders carried it off well.

And then to bed and now to breakfast.
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