arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Born to SHOP!

Rode off this morning with an empty pannier and a full credit card and promptly did my best to reverse that state of affairs. :)

First stop Digital City where I picked up the Olympus waterproof camera and memory cards for same. Couldn't get a second battery so further shopping is in order later. Such a shame that is.

Then to Australian Bicycle Clothing to pick up riding gear for New Zealand. Currently I ride in tracksuit pants which while comfortable enough in the dry may not be the wisest choice for prolonged wet weather riding (which is a possibility for South Island in March). So on recommendation from some of the OzHPV riders I invested in a couple of pairs of lycra longs. The pairs I got don't have the padded inserts because I a) don't need them and b) found them intensely uncomfortable. I also picked up a couple of long sleeve zip up jerseys and a pair of gloves.

Then on to Mountain Designs for a windproof vest.

Now at home waiting for the worst heat of the day to pass before I do the boring grocery shopping.

Tags: cycling, photography, supported tours

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