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Pirates of the Burley Griffin
A schedule bears the same relationship to reality as Astrology.
SwanCon: Where Will I Be? 
25th-Mar-2010 09:53 pm
SwanCon 2010
Based on the latest program here's where I plan to be this SwanCon:


3:30 ish I have a Top Secret...: In times gone by many a fan has whiled away the opening afternoon by shooting nukes at me from my own set of the Nuclear War, Escalation, & Proliferation card games. IIf you haven't had the experience of asking for change for 25 million people come along and have a blast. 

8:00: The Cocktail Party: Come along and have a drink. I won't say no if you buy me something non-alcoholic.

9:00: Rocket Boys and Rocket Girls: Is the dream of space best told on film. I'm really looking forward to this one


10:30 The Opening Ceremony: And I get to sit up the front this time! Sweet!

11:30 Welcome to Your First Con: Moderated by the splendid Sarah Parker.

12:30: Welcome to Your First Con Lunch: Such a fabulous idea.

8:00 Auction I'll be helping out here as usual but I will also be doing something a little unusual for me. Something that I've never done before, and for a good cause.


8:00 An introduction to Vlad Taltos: Moderated by that most Cromulent Craig Stephenson, and we may (if persuaded) tell the infamous sword sharpening jokes.


4:30 How about Heinlein?: The sensawunda that is the Heinlein juveniles moderated by the gracious Gina and also featuring the elegant Emma.

9:00 Anime Archetypes:  An opportunity for a good rant. However I still need more ammo!


3:30 Closing Ceremony. It's the place to be. :)

But failing any or all of that I'll usually be in the gaming room. Come up and have a chat, I'm looking forward to it.
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