arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Camera Shopping

With the NZ tour coming up I want a digital camera that is 

a) Compact
b) Waterproof (so I can have it out all day and just not care)
c) Easily operable whilst wearing riding gloves
d) Fast to boot up.

A quick browse of camera shops in Canberra has revealed the Olympus 725SW and the Pentax Optio W20 to be the best available choices (locally at least)

Does anyone have either of these,  or have any recommendations as to which I should be looking at?

Aside: I also want a camera like this to ride with all the time. 

If only to stop the sulphur crested cockies posing as I ride past (because you just know that they'll stop posing in interesting ways as soon as I do have a camera handy). The latest effors was a cockie just perched on the rifle barrel on one of the Australian Army memorial statues on Anzac Parade. And I had a really nice view as I rode past in the slip road behind Anzac Parade... and no [expletive deleted] camera! :(

Tags: cycling, photography, supported tours

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