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And the winners are...

The winners of the Chronos Awards have just been announced at Continuum 6 : Future Tense. Which means that I can now reveal all. :)

Best Long Fiction: Slice of Life, Paul Haines (The Mayne Press)

Best Short Fiction: Gamer's Quest, George Ivanoff (Ford Street Publishing)

Best Artwork: My Extraordinary Life and Death, Grant Gittus (Fort Street Publishing)

Best Fan Writer:  Felicity Dowker

Best Fan Artist:  Ditmar Jenssen

Best Fan Publication: Ethel the Aardvark, edited by Murray and Natalie MacLachlan, Sam Rooney (Melbourne Science Fiction Club)

Best Achievement: The Halloween Clive Barker Chat, Felicity Dowker (AHWA).

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees.

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