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Mission of Honor eArc

Quick Review: Yikes!

Two of the best moments early on were two ship names. HMS Alistair McKeon was a bit of a tear jerker, especially finding that her commander is Captain of the List Prescott 'Scotty' Tremaine. Considerably funnier was the appearance of the SLNS Joseph Buckley, complete with the comment that it has been a traditionally unfortunate name for the SLN. :)

The cover art is, alas, rather more accurate than I would have liked.

In terms of the ultimate bad guys they had some big wins in this one (see comment about cover art), including the utter idiocy of the SLN. Fortunately they also have some big hits coming their way in the next book (which I want right now dammit!). Victor and Anton turned up, better late than never, and Eloise Pritchart is NOT an indecisive leader.

Also, Honor is coldly, deeply, furious (see comment about cover art). She's got the vengeance gig on and I don't think that anyone is going to try to stop her, even if they could.

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