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The End of Time Pts 1 & 2

I saw End of Time Pt 2 just after new year's day. It was entertaining enough, in its own way, I suppose. It has taken a while for my thoughts to crystallise beyond that.

First cast your mind back to Journey's End which ends with the Doctor burnt on the subject of companions. In short: having companions sucks like a black hole and he doesn't want to play that game anymore. A solitary Doctor, to the point of disconnection from the humanity that he has been so heavily connected with for so long.

Then the first special "The Next Doctor" included a hint that, maybe, this was beginning to change. That, maybe, the Doctor would consider taking a companion again. The otherwise excreble "Planet of the Dead" did show a growing reconnection along with the red herring of an utterly unsuitable companion (on a moral level at least). "The Waters of Mars" continued the trend towards reconnection, although it possibly overplayed it and the editing of the ending seriously needs to be tightened.

So obviously I was expecting "The End of Time" to produce a Doctor willing to reconnect. Instead we got a Doctor who was essentially committing suicide and completing the disconnection. Allow me at this point to simply go: Arrggh!

The second major disappointment is that the leader of the Timelords (Rassilon apparently although I missed that bit) clearly hasn't read The List. Particularly #4 and #6. That whole scene with the Doctor swinging between the Master and Rassilon was just ridiculous, especially while Rassilon was still wearing the Glove of Myhnegon (sorry, couldn't resist the Buffy reference there). As soon as the Doctor started doing that Rassilon should have just killed we'd seen him do earlier in the episode for nothing more than a minor disagreement.

Apart from anything else it made the Doctor look like an indecisive idiot.. The Doctor knew about the diamond before jumping into the mansion (and let's not even start on Die Hard With The Doctor!) so he should have known what to do once he got there, ie: destroy the diamond immediately.

Having said that I'll apply Bellisario's Maxim and the MST3K Mantra so that I'll just enjoy the pretty pictures next time. :)

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